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As I look back on this point in my life just a year ago, I remember my search for an organization at UCLA that could provide the right path to fulfill my career aspirations. Instead what I found was a lack of resources focused on marketing, advertising, and PR-related opportunities for undergraduates. Especially in this day and age of budding Millenials increasingly involved in digital marketing and start-ups, the need for such resources glowingly highlighted for me an organization that could provide these resources. This year, 2016, marks the beginning of a special history at UCLA for Pi Sigma Epsilon. PSE has been a work in progress throughout the past year that our founding Founding class, whom I now call my brothers and sisters, is proud to finally announce to the University of California, Los Angeles. As the first business fraternity on campus focusing on marketing, sales, and management, our chapter offers UCLA students a foundation to business fundamentals, valuable entrepreneurial exposure, and opportunities to expand their professional networks – all of which are vital to succeed in the business world. Our Eta Epsilon chapter is not only a group of like-minded students with similar career goals, but also a family of remarkable individuals that recognizes the importance of fellowship, growth, and achievement during these memorable years of our lives that serve as our rite of modern society. Though we may be new, our experiences have already taught us priceless lessons about teamwork and organization involved in the establishment of a fraternity – all of which we wish to pass onto you. There is strength in numbers, and our journey forward will only be strengthened and enrichened by the addition of people that have similar goals. I, along with my brothers and sisters, encourage you to join us on this journey as part of the incoming Alpha class.

Best regards and warm welcome,

Lea Dasom Hong, Founder

Pi Sigma Epsilon – Eta Epsilon Chapter at UCLA

About Our Chapter

Pi Sigma Epsilon is a professional business fraternity specializing in the advancement of the sales, marketing, and management professions. We are a not-for-profit, co-ed organization with over sixty active chapters and roughly 50,000 members nationwide including alumni. With an exposure to a professional environment, our members are able to further understand business relationships found in a corporate-driven society and are extremely prepared to contribute to the success of an organization. The Eta Epsilon Chapter at UCLA began in 2015. With a passionate and hardworking founding class, we hope to excel and ensure the growth of the fraternity at our college campus and beyond.


In 1951, Lloyd L. Antle, an Ohio University graduate and Professor of Marketing at Georgia State University, conceived of the idea that the sales profession should have a professional fraternity of its own. After over a year of planning with the support of three of his colleagues, Pi Sigma Epsilon was established on May 14, 1952. All four men were members of the Sales and Marketing Executives (SME) association of Atlanta, Georgia, which continues to be a sponsor of Pi Sigma Epsilon to this day. Our four founders carefully chose the Greek letters of the Fraternity to represent the three groups of membership:

  • Prospective Sales Executives (Collegiate Members)
  • Preparers of Sales Executives (Educator Members)
  • Professional Sales Executives (Professionals and Alumni Members)

Originally an all-male organization, which was characteristic of the sales profession at the time, Pi Sigma Epsilon became co-ed in 1974 after an amendment to the national constitution. Today women play key roles in all levels of the fraternity and in fact make up a slight majority of the membership in most chapters.

Another feature of Pi Sigma Epsilon is that the term "pledge" is not used, as it portrays a negative stereotype that goes against the ideals of the Fraternity. Hazing is strictly forbidden and all of those taking the steps to become full members are "prospective members" until initiation.

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